Professional Resume Template (+ Creative CV) doc / word / free / download

When we are apply to a job, there are such professions, where we can use a original and creative CV.

What kind of professions it is?
Graphic or Web designer or work in advertising or Public Relations or work in marketing or different artistic professions.

What is the creative CV?

The creative Resume is the presentation of professional experience and skills in an interesting form. The Creative CV also has to show that the candidate is a creative person, extraordinary, having a lot of interesting ideas.

Creative CV is not only an A4 pdf file.

Creative CVs are usually perceived as a colorful, interestingly designed resume sent in A4 format.

Meanwhile, a custom CV can also take completely different forms:
Can be a video on Youtube or Vimeo, Google map, a billboard advertising on the street, it may take the form of an advertis leaflet, it can be printed on a T-shirt.

A good creative CV can be done on a white, traditional background, and its creativity will involve a way of presenting your experience or skills - for example in the form of charts or diagrams.


Examples of Resume templates to download (doc / word files)

The file 100% editable in Writer (LibreOffice 6 / OpenOffice 4) 


Resume template doc free

Creative CV / DOC / 2018
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Resume template Word free

Creative CV Example / Free / WORD
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Creative CV doc

Designer CV / WORD / 2018
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