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The cover letter should be adapted to the job position additionally it should be concise and specific. A cover letter is the perfect document to tell about yourself in a more informal way.
Do not worry about look / shape your document, you have a good program at your disposal. Wizard is a simple but professional tool that helps prepare documents in PDF format for people looking for a job.


Choose a cover letter template, the look should match your CV (Resume). The templates were prepared by the graphic artist in cooperation with an employment specialist.

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How does this work?

Simply fill in the blanks, done in ten minutes. You download the document to a computer disk in PDF format. The document can be printed in A4 format or sent to the employer by email.

Prepare consistent documents

Have you already written your CV? If not, try our Resume Builder.

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More tips on how to write a cover letter

Address the cover letter, it may be an HR department or a department manager in which you want to work.

Document why you are applying for a job in this particular company. You can reference on company values that are consistent with yours, that the company belongs to the industry leaders, is a recognizable and credible brand, and you want to identify with such a company.

Explain why you want to work in a given position, what you value in your profession.

Present your candidacy, write the arguments that will make the letter reader think that the company will benefit from employing you.

Finally, express your hope for the opportunity to meet with a potential employer.